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TVI saves hundreds of development hours by organizing, deploying, executing
and reporting automated tests.

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TVI is trusted by industry leaders

"The power and simplicity of TVI allowed us to develop our testers in a short time with a beautiful and intuitive user interface."
Ofir Gur-Arie, Kratos General Microwave

The TVI Ecosystem

The TVI Ecosystem

TVI is also available on the LabVIEW Tools Network

LabVIEW Tools Network

Key Features

TVI is an easy-to-use test management software aimed to simplify and shorten tester development time and effort.
It allows creating and editing tests and test sequences, manage software and hardware parameters,
automatically save test data and generate reports.


Ease of Use

A user-centric approach and intuitive interface will get you started in no time. Easily select and run test sequences, view test results in real-time execution, debug and retest.


Seamless Integration with LabVIEWTM

TVI lets you write your tests in LabVIEW™ while taking care of the entire testing sequence and execution process.


Sequence Editor

Easily create, edit and manage test sequences and test parameters. Create multi-level sequences, add and arrange tests, loops, user messages, run executable files and more.


Test Generator

Select, copy and edit from a wide selection of ready-made tests and test templates. Instantly build and deploy your tests and move from developer to runner mode.


Report Viewer

Integrated report viewer enables to view, sort and filter all the records in the database (text files or SQL). Customize the reports appearance and export to Word, PDF or HTML.


Large Resource Library

TVI comes with a comprehensive library of tests, templates, sample projects and API functions for easy interface with the framework functions.


Multi-Product and Configuration Support

Define and manage list of products, set software and hardware parameters for each product. Multi-station configuration is supported.


Dynamically Load Tests

Tests are loaded dynamically allowing complete separation between the test code and the test management framework, each test is independent, allowing easy development, debug and integration.


User Mangement and Permission Levels

With production line in mind, TVI offers 3 permission levels (user, engineer and admin) enabling strict control and selective operation over the tester and software parameters use and maintenance.

Compare TVI

Feature TVI NI TestStand™
Audience Entry/Mid-Level Advanced
Learning Curve Hours Days
Short Development Cycle # #
Highly Flexible # #
Sequence Editor Developer & Runner Developer
Logging to Database # #
User Permission Management # #
Multi-Product Management # #
Build-In Report Viewer # #
Easy Code Reuse # #
Sequence Programming Basic Advanced
Programming Languages LabVIEW, .NET Assembly LabVIEW, CVI, VB.NET, C#, Perl, Python, TCL, HBasic
Dynamic loading of .VI files Fast Faster
Operator Interface Flexible Limited
Basic Developer Cost $990 $4400
Basic Runner Cost $250 $585

Pricing Guide

•  System Integrators: please contact us for pricing details
•  Perpetual licenses
•  A fully featured version including add-ons is available for 30 days free trial
•  Developer version requires LabVIEW™ Base (or higher) – sold separately by National Instruments

Our Team

Our Vision
Test system integration is a complex and multi-disciplinary task, requiring both excellent software skills and hardware understanding. We developed TVI in order to simplify this complex task by creating a smart and simple framework for tester development. Our aim is to improve and refine TVI to further shorten tester development time and simplify code development and re-use.
TVI is used by technology leaders like Microsoft, GE and Orbotech, defense companies like Rafael, Opgal and by a growing number of medium and small high tech and start-up companies.

Who We Are
We are a team of expert LabVIEW™ developers, specializing in automated tester development. We serve leading high tech companies and academic research institutes by addressing their test system integration challenges. Our team combines decades of hands-on experience in research, development and lab automation.