Applications Areas: Where Is TVI Used?

TVI is used in variety of industries such as Semiconductor, RF, Consumer Electronics, Military, Academic, Medical, and Optical.
TVI covers Test Automation needs throughout the development cycle – from Basic Lab Automation to early prototyping, Design Validation and Full Production Floor Compatibility.
TVI is used by engineers to automate tests on Wafer and Chip Level, on PCB, on Module, Sub-Systems and Fully Featured Systems.

Electronics Manufacturing Testing:

TVI offers electronics manufactures a complete set of tools designed and optimized to simplify and shorten the development of functional testers. Automated Test Equipment (ATE) development teams use TVI to create intuitive interfaces for the operators at the assembly line, while taking advantage of the build-in logging and reporting capabilities.

TVI enables assembly line operators to re-configure test sequences and test parameters with no further involvement of the ATE development team.

Design Verification and Validation Test

QA and verification teams are in constant need for more methodological ways to test and validate early designs as part of the development cycle. Multiple product configurations, short development cycles and changing requirements increase the need for flexible and reusable test systems. TVI enables such flexibility to V&V teams. Personnel without programming background can create multiple hardware configurations, define different test profiles and run different test sequences, while taking advantage of the built-in data logging and reporting engine.

Lab Automation & Simulation Control:

Researchers in various fields such as life science, chemistry, medical devices and others require reliable and consistent systems to perform large scale scientific experiments. Laboratories personnel are in continues search for testing equipment that could easily be configured for their needs and operated by researches and assistants with no software background. TVI is already used in labs of world-leading research institutes and help researchers to operate and control complex lab equipment.