How is TVI different from other LabVIEW Sequencers

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    Q: How is TVI different from other LabVIEW test executives?


    There are several 3rd party Test Executives, Test Sequencers and Integrated Test Environments for LabVIEW. These products typically fall into one of the following categories:
    1. LabVIEW Toolkits
    2. Teststand Wrappers and External Managers
    3. Standalone Test Managers
    Toolkits are set of function libraries and controls for LabVIEW that help developers to build and execute test sequences. They come in a form of LabVIEW add-on/package. This is not a complete software but rather building blocks you can use to build your own Test Management software.

    Teststand wrappers are applications that provides improved user interface to the NI Teststand framework. Their purpose is to simplify and shorten the development cycle with Teststand and they use it as the underlying sequence and data collection engine. Teststand wrappers and external managers require a license for NI Teststand.

    Standalone Test Managers are independent, fully integrated test environments that simplify and shorten the development cycle of automated test systems. They are somewhat similar to the External Managers, however they don’t rely on Teststand as the underlying sequence engine. Examples are ATEasy from Marvin Test Solutions and TVI from Testview.

    TVI is a standalone Test Management Framework for LabVIEW. It is different from other Test Executives in several aspects:

    • TVI is a complete test framework with powerful sequence editor, database logging and reporting engine, Multi-UUT testing support, multi-product support, multi hardware profiles support and more.
    • TVI has an intuitive IDE that enables an easy creation and management of test sequences, rich and customizable operator dashboards, as well as analyzing the results, outside of LabVIEW.
    • TVI’s learning curve is measured in few hours, not days or weeks. Only basic LabVIEW knowledge it required. TVI is the most easy-to-use test executive software currently available.
    • TVI does not require Teststand. Not in the developer environment and not in the runner/operator environment.
    • Deploying from Development environment to operator/runtime environment is as simple as copying single a folder.

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