Customer Testimonials

At Orbotech we used a test manager that was developed internally long time ago. A lot of time and efforts were invested in our internal tool and we had our infrastructure configured to work with it. One of the main challenges was that our internal tool required ongoing maintenance (adding missing features, adapting to new LabVIEW versions and so on). We were presented with TVI and decided to try it out. Very soon we recognized that most of the maintenance efforts can be eliminated since many features are already built-into TVI. We ended up switching to TVI in all new projects.

Rafi Ouliel – R&D ATE & DIAGNOSTICS Manager, Orbotech

 General Electric

I’m a lab manager at GE Lighting. Our lab was assigned with a project to build 4 new verification stations for our R&D department. We evaluated several software solutions and eventually selected TVI. The key decision point for us was that TVI enables the end-user (our R&D engineers) to edit the test sequences and their parameters without having to write any code.
GE Lighting is a division of General Electric.

Shlomit Belzer – Lab Manager, GE Lighting

 Nova Measuring Instruments

We selected TVI to support the integration, tuning and validation of every i500 tool that comes off our assembly line. We managed to easily connect and integrate TVI with other automation tools and create an easy-to-use user interface for the operators at the assembly line, where they can set and tune parameters without having to write single line of code.
Nova is a leading provider of metrology solutions for advanced process control used in semiconductor manufacturing.

Idan Ben-Zour – Product Leader, Nova Measuring Instruments

 Rafael Advanced Defense Systems

One of our core projects at Rafael required an increase in the units production rate. TVI, with its built-in database logging and parallel multi-UUT testing, helped us to shorten the development cycle of test stations in a way that increased the production capacity without increasing the headcount at the assembly line.
Rafael is a global leader in development and manufacturing of advanced defense systems.

Ofer Rozen, Ph.D – Section Manager, Rafael

Over the years, we developed automated test stations using LabVIEW. We noticed that each project required us to re-build the test infrastructure from scratch. At start we tried to create a common software infrastructure but soon realized that we invest lots of efforts in area that is not in our core business. We accidentally bumped into TVI and immediately realized that this is the type of tool we’ve been looking for. 2 years later and 15 testers in the production line, we managed to shorten the development time by 30-50%. Also, we moved to database logging and now we can analyze historical data easily.
Afimilk is the global leader in developing, manufacturing and marketing advanced computerized systems for the modern dairy farm and for herd management.

Nir Marom – Test Engineer, Afimilk