Difference between Runner and Developer?

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    Q: What's the difference between "Runner" and "Developer" modes? I see that they are priced differently..

    A: TVI can run in 2 modes: Developer and Runner.
    The Runner mode enables to run test sequences and generate reports. It also enables to edit the sequence and test parameters, but it does not let you edit the actual tests. It is aimed to be used at the production line.
    A single developer license comes with extra runner license, so you have 1 developer station and 1 production station.
    The Add-ons are installed on all stations (dev+runners), however we only charge per the number of dev licenses you have.
    So, if you have 2 developer stations and 10 runner stations, and you buy the DB add-on - you'l pay only for the 2 developer stations and the add-on will be free on all runner stations.
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