How is TVI different from TestStand?

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    Q: How does TVI compare with TestStand?

    Both TestStand and TVI are test management software which are seamlessly integrated with LabVIEW. However, while TestStand is a comprehensive and complex framework that covers many use cases and lots of edge cases, TVI focuses more on the core use cases while emphasizing ease of use and simplicity. TVI is best suitable for engineering teams who are looking for an out-of-the-box and easy to use user interface, data collection, test parameters configuration and reporting engine capabilities.
    Some difference between TVI and TestStand are:
    1. In TVI both the test equipment developer and the test equipment operator work in the same environment - so the transition from development to runner mode operation is very easy - one click - build.
    2. In TVI we focused our efforts on making it as easy to use and to develop as possible - TVI has a very short learning curve. No need for lengthy user manuals or professional course to get productive right away. Most of our users managed to create test sequences with connected HW within 2-3 hours.
    3. TVI doesn’t require to learn programming language, it focus on the framework and lets you keep writing your tests code in LabVIEW.
    4. TVI organizes all your LabVIEW tests as resources to your bench through a Tests Management panel, and enables you to re-use them easily. TestStand requires manual organization of the LabVIEW VI files.
    5. TVI has a build-in test parameters management mechanism that enables different parameter configurations of each test, or step in the sequence. TestStand requires you to build your own parameters management system.
    6. TVI organizes all the development files (test sequences and VI files) in a central location and make it easy to share projects across shared drives. In TVI your development environment is part of the development area and is well defined.
    7. In TVI your bench configuration is part of the system and is managed in it, whether it is a standalone bench or part of a set of network managed benches.
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